Package Receiving in Pembina, North Dakota

Canadians shipping to USA
“We help Canadians save thousands of dollars when shopping online by providing you with a US Shipping Address in Pembina, North Dakota”

Discover what a large number of shoppers in the Winnipeg area have known for years, buying online from American retailers and using a package receiving service in Pembina, North Dakota can save you hundreds (even thousands) of dollars!

Kinek and Red River Freight have partnered together to offer you a US Shipping Address in Pembina through a simple 3 step process.  With the Canadian dollar still hovering around par the options have never been so good for the Canadian consumer.  Pair that with easy to use package receiving in Pembina and you have a winning combination!

Why Ship to Pembina?

I’ve already mentioned that  Canadians can save money by buying from American retailers online, but why not just have the items shipped directly to your doorstep?  The problem is many of those retailers will not ship to Canada and among those that do a majority charge quite a premium to Canadians due to high international shipping and brokerage fees.  If they don’t charge for the taxes and duty upfront, you may get slapped with a large bill from the shipper when they drop the package off at your home.  We don’t want the process to be so stressful so we offer an alternative.  You can ship any order to Red River Freight, go pick it up and clear customs yourself.  This will let you worry less about hidden costs and maybe even make you eligible for free shipping.  To top it off you will only need to pay $5 per package when you pick up your items at the KinekPoint.

About Kinek

Here at Kinek we want to offer you the premier package receiving service available to Canadian consumers interested in cross border shopping.  We have set up  locations within a couple minutes drive of nearly every major border crossing from Canada into the United States and have over 1000 locations across North America (perfect for those of you on vacation or travelling for business).  With a streamlined process your US Shipping Address will be available for you to use within minutes of finding our website.  When your package arrives at one of our locations you will receive an email and text message notification.  As an added convenience we will store your package for up to 30 days free of charge to ensure that you can come pick your item(s) up at a time suited to your busy schedule.

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